Google Photos empty folder

No matter what I do I cannot get ‘upload from Google Photos’ to to show anything but
'Nothing in folder"
I have tried signing out of Google and signing in via Airtable as recommended.
This is a big requirement for me and I would appreciate any help in getting this to function.

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Help me understand - you have photos in a Google Photos account and you need them attached to certain records in Airtable?

I’ve experienced this as well. I have thousands of photos in my Google Photos account, but Airtable always says there are no files. I think this may be a bug. @Airtable.

I’ve been evaluating Airtable for only a few days now.
I’m not impressed with the inability to get a definitive answer.
My company uses Quick Base where you get an email or a call within minutes of submitting a question.
If it’s a bug, which I believe it is then there needs to be some interaction between support and us users.

Well with bugs, we are supposed to report it to them directly. Staff don’t monitor the Ask the Community category unless a post gets a lot of traction. Now seeing it affects more than just me, I’ll go ahead and report it.

Yes. Always says Folder Is Empty.

I finally got it working.
Here’s what I did.

  1. Open Google Photos on your PC
  2. Go to settings
  3. Click on Backup & sync.
  4. Make sure
    A. Backup & sync is enabled
    B. Make sure Cellular Data Backup is enabled
  5. When attaching select Google Photos and click “Sign Out”
  6. Click Google Photos and sign in

You should then be presented with your Google Photos folders.
Tested and works.

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#1…Should be open Google Photos on your cell phone or wherever you take pics