GPS Field for Locations

I would love to see a GPS field


Yes Please! Would be amazing to be able to grab GPS coordinates off of your mobile device and put them into a field. If we could do this I could switch our city’s tree inventory software over to airtable.

Voting for this! We need a way to grab a field technician’s location when they complete a job. It would be alot less complicated if we could just have this baked into Airtable!

Yes this would be extremely useful

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This feature will be useful to perform rough survey.

I think there’s a workaround to this -

  1. Set the mobile device to share location data within images;
  2. Take a picture; upload to Airtable using the mobile app;
  3. Use the Airtable API to inspect the image;
  4. Parse the lat/lng and update the record.

Bob’s your uncle.

If Airtable would simply support URL schemes for mobile apps, iOS and Android workflow apps could be used to capture location data and insert into forms or apps, thus paving the pathway for location data to be posted directly to your databases.

We’ve built an extension for Airtable form that allows users to geo-locate themselves. The coordinates are then added to its field after the form is submitted.

Moe, Does it cost $39 a month for a personal/non commercial use?

How do you inspect a image with the API

Please please add this feature

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