Grid copies records unto added grids

Hi everyone!

I am trying to create new Grids on my table but I noticed that when I input information for one city, all of what I typed pastes into every other Grid. I was looking around the FAQ and I found this article with the same question but no answers.

How do I input specific information into only one grid?


Hi @Xavier_Vazquez and welcome to the community!

Do I understand it correctly that you also want to have records in a grid view, but not all of them in a calendar view? Or are you creating new records under a group of records?

It sounds like you are trying to make one Grid View for each “city”, but aren’t using filters to actually show one city at a time.

Views in a table pull from all the same data. If you want “one grid per City” you need to apply a filter to the views you’re creating.

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I am not sure I completely understand your clarifying questions. I am not sure I am trying to view my records in calendar view.
In my Table, I am creating new grid views. As I edit one grid, all others are edited with it. How do I ‘un-sync’ my grids?

Apologies if my question is confusing!

Within 1 table, all views (grid, calendar, …) “sync” with each other. So yes, if you change 1 view, the others will also be changed. As @Kamille_Parks pointed out, you can work with filters to show what you want per gridd view.

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