Group by function using scripting app & populate new table

Hi Community,

I have a table ORDER of n orders with the {fields} : order-id, product, quantity, delivery-date

I am trying to use a script to group_by (product, delivery-date) in order to sum the field {quantity} of a group (total-quantity)


with Automation, create a record in a table GROUP-ORDER with the fields: order-group-id, delivery-date, product, total-quantity

Example on how the results should look like, is shared in the link above.

I’m a little knew to the Scripting App (and my skills in javascript are medium).

Is this approach feasible? and how should I get started?

I managed to group the fields with a script as in : I need help for solving a problem on the script block
However, I am struggling to create a new group-order record in a separate table.


Hi @Tim_Khan - I wrote a post about a similar scenario where data is summarised and push to a new table:

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Hi @JonathanBowen

Wow, thanks for the article! a perfect script - worked on my side :slight_smile:

record.getCellValue(‘Name’) works fine with a text field, however when ‘Name’ is a lookup field, their is no-more distinction on the fields name. Do you have any trick for this issue?

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Hi @Tim_Khan - if your field is a lookup you can do:

record.getCellValueAsString('Lookup field name')

Does that solve your problem?

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thanks @JonathanBowen ! works perfect now

thanks again for your clean script that correlates well with SQL query SELECT SUM () FROM () GROUP BY ()

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