Group Overdue Tasks by Period of Time

Hi there!

I am wanting to have a view in my To-Do list table that groups tasks by time they are overdue. So, I would like the groupings to be:

Overdue less than a week
Overdue between 1-2 weeks
Over 2 weeks overdue

I am thinking that I need to have a formula that calculates the total time that the date is “overdue”, and maybe use an IF formula to then classify the times, and then outputting a “category” (e.g. 1 week) that I can then group by.

Am I going in the right direction? Has this kind of thing been addressed before? I have searched and could not find anything directly related to this.

Right, you’re going in the right direction! :slight_smile:

Just create a formula field that results in different words or phrases or emojis, depending on how overdue that to-do item is.

Then, you can simply group by that formula field.

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