Group view on ios


Please can we add grouping to views in iOS apps?
This simple feature is, in part, stopping me from being able to transition my workflow to an entirely iOS ecosystem.

Feature parity between desktop and iOS

I desperately need all core app views on iOS with solid drag and drop functioanlity across groups, calendar and kanban. Views are the insights. I need insights on mobile. I dont quite get the desktop first platform in a mobile first world?


I would really like to see feature parity with the desktop and iOS apps, I wanted to switch my spreadsheets to airtable but have been sticking with numbers for now. It would be wonderful to be able to fill the tables with photos using drag and drop. +1 for Kanban view, i missed the com0act card view that was removed from the ios apps


I just hit the no grouping in iOS grid view. I previously was trying to do Kanban on IPad which I couldn’t do. I get kanban view’s UX and Dev efforts need the the time (resources) to do it right. I know Trello took forever (it felt like) to get iOS out early on.

However… Grouping in grid view on moblile should be a given.

I love Airtable,

Paul Clark


I agree. Not being able to view in groups is a pretty big deterrent to getting a paid version or even continue using the free version I’ve been playing around with.


Yes, please, this would be so helpful!


I would really like to see different views on the ios too. Limited options for a few other things like cutting and pasting cells from one tab to the other and commuting is the time I get to update my info on AirTable.


No Grouping / Kanban on iOS is what prevents me getting my company onboard with Airtable. No insights = might as well use Excel :frowning:


Ooof… just ran into this roadblock. And it hurts. Quite a shock to install the iOS app and find my beautiful grouped view without any groups at all. With the amount that I use grouping, it seems (unfortunately) that I’m out on mobile until this is a feature :confused:


Meh, same here, have to use web version on IPad pro


You’re lucky… On an iPad Mini, you can’t even access the web interface :confused: .
At least, I tried and it failed :confused:.

But I do agree… The grouped view on iOS would be a great add :smile: !


Yeah, web view also not working for me…


+1 here. Definitely a shock to the system setting everything up on my desktop only to find out that there’s no grid group view on iOS. Would love to hear from someone at Airtable to know if this is on the roadmap.


+1. Groups are an essential feature for my iOS-dominated workflow.


Is it strange to see there is no reply from @Airtable_Support @Airtable_Team on this feature request. If we are taking about - Multiple device access to Airtable, Different Views is one of the most important things to it. Awaiting reply to this. Best, Parth


Yes! I find myself constantly getting frustrated by the limitations of sort functions on iOS. Group views consistent with desktop would go a long way to improving this


I second this. It makes the iOS versions unusable.


Are you ever going to add this? We’ve been literally waiting years. It makes the iOS app useless for anyone who uses grouped views.
At the least fix the website so we can use it on iOS.