Grouping by individual


Hi, I set up a table where I list stores by city & state.
I’d then like to group the store list by individual state.
As you can see in the link below it is creating a grouping not only by “NEW YORK” & “CALIFORNIA” but also by “CALIFORNIA, NEW YORK”. How do i make these all individual?

Please help!



You have 2 (or more) States for some stores, that is impossible, isn’t it? :thinking: You should enter a store for every City.

If you explain more of the database maybe we could avise, but I think I would have:

  • Brand field
  • City field
  • Name field: a Formula combining the Brand and City

So we would have:

  • Johns Store (NYC)
  • Johns Store (Los Angeles)

Even you could have Cities and States in separate Tables, and relate them with Linked Record field, so you shouldn’t have to enter the State every time. You will just need the City.

Also, you could have a separate Table for Brands, so you could have Counts, Averages, Sums, etc. of the Brands:

  • A View ordered by number of stores
  • A View ordered by number of products (if you would have that information, just an example :sweat_smile:)


Hi Elias, Thanks for your help.

I understand your recommendation.

Some of the stores have more than 1 location.
In the example link “Johns Store” has a location in NYC and also Los Angeles.
I was hoping to be able to keep each store as one record. Is there any way to do this?


You can keep the Stores as single records, but then you will need another separate table for Locations to be able to group by individual Locations. In the end Stores and Locations, or Brands and Stores, is the same.

If you’d have Brands, Stores, Cities, etc. you will have a lot more flexibility.