Grouping by linked fields when there are multiple linked records


I have two linked tables on a field called “customer”. This works great for issue tracking, because I can add a customer to a specific issue and know who needs to be followed up about it, or quickly get their current status.

I’d like to group by the Customer field. However when I set this grouping up, it treats the following as separate groupings:

  • A
  • B
  • B, A
  • B, A, C

and so on. Is there a way to view the grouped view so all of Customer A’s associated issues will show up under Customer A, rather than 1 under A, 1 under B, A and 1 under B, A, C?


This is an old one, but I thought I’d answer it in case anyone else runs into the same question.

Since you’re linking multiple customers to a single issue, it’s not currently possible with these two tables.

You’ll want to add a third “Customer Issues” table, which would look like this:

Customer Issues
*ID (this could be whatever you want)
*Customer (link to a single customer from the Customers table)
*Issue (link to a single issue from the Issues table)

You could also add additional Lookup fields if you want to include more information from either of the other tables.

Then you would remove the Customer linked field from your original Issues table, since you’ll be looking at the new table instead.

Now, each time a customer runs into an issue, you would add an entry to the Customer Issues table. So, for example, if I run into two issues, there will be a separate entry in this table for each issue. With this setup, if you group by customer, it’ll work the way you want!