Grouping - how to group by singular Multis?


I have a question about Grouping…

I understand how to Group a grid view.
I am doing so by a Multi-Select field, called “Topic”.
The problem (which is one of preference) is that some of my items have more than one Topic assigned. The way Grouping works, it shows distinct groups for combinations of Topic, eg. Not only a Group showing items with a “Red” Topic, but also a Group for items with “Red”, “Green” AND “Blue” Topics.

I’m curious if I could force a Group to show all the items with the corresponding Topic. It is confusing to see this many Group combinations thanks to Multi-Select.


You need to transform the MultiSelect in a new Table. There you could see the Items by Topics:

Even you could create a junction Table if you need to store more data about that relation (start date for instance):

You are talking so abstract I can’t give you more advice :sweat_smile:


I have a similar question. (@Elias_Gomez_Sainz, if you could help! )
So, for example, I have a workspace with multiple projects, and one multi-column that has the type of activity, so say consulting, research, workshop, and so on. Now, I need to group all the records that have consulting, all those have research, etc. Right now, it is grouping the records that have 3 of these, 2 of these, and those that have only one, rather than showing me all that have one of these functions.
I tried to use filters for this when it was just a few categories, but this is not helping when there are many categories. Is there any way to group it this way?


You also need to convert the MultipleSelect to a Table.