Grouping on lookup field in Gantt App

I am trying to create a gantt chart however having a small issue with the grouping.

I want 6 stages to each roadmap feature I have and I have about 50 features. In the table I have a lookup field, where I select the feature and it will pull the ‘theme’ field through, so the table has all the information I need in it.
When I use the gantt app and try to group on the theme field, it is only grouping up on the theme where the feature is the same. For example

Task name Feature(linked) Theme(lookup)
Task1 Feature1 Theme1
Task2 Feature1 Theme1
Task3 Feature1 Theme1
Task4 Feature1 Theme1
Task5 Feature1 Theme1
Task6 Feature1 Theme1
Task1 Feature2 Theme2
Task2 Feature2 Theme2
Task3 Feature2 Theme2
Task4 Feature2 Theme2
Task5 Feature2 Theme2
Task6 Feature2 Theme2
Task1 Feature3 Theme1
Task2 Feature3 Theme1
Task3 Feature3 Theme1
Task4 Feature3 Theme1
Task5 Feature3 Theme1
Task6 Feature3 Theme1

I would expect feature1 and feature3 to be grouped by Theme1 with 12 entries, however it ends up having two different groups for Theme1 with 6 entries under each.
It feels like a bug but thought I would see if anyone has worked around this before.



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