Grouping records in Interface Designer

I work for an educational non-profit and we use airtable to track our school visits and activities. We currently rely on grouping records together to show class-specific data as well as school-specific information. I was hoping that interface designer would be an easier way for our team to visually group this information together but didn’t see a way to group records. I could only filter and sort records that would show up.

Is there a way to get all of this information into one Interface?

I have a sample table below with the information we want to display. The first record has our school specific information and all subsequent rows are class specific. Ideally I want a way to display the school record and then have a simplified table for classes to update numbers throughout the day. Is that possible?

+1 to grouping. Any listing should be able to be grouped like a view. In my case, we often group records by their location in a pipeline process.