Grouping with TOP 1


I want to make view in with I’m grouping my items by some categories, but also i want to show only first record in each of those groups. Is there any way to make it that way?

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You can use the filter option in addition to the grouping option.


I know that. But i cannot Find opcjom to filtering based on position in query. Only filters presented on screenshot are available ![Screenshot 2020-04-05 at 09.17.56|647x500](upload://p5bjxygUtfmbiB9JAb3Lrk9RrAZ.png)


There was no screenshot in the reply.

Yes, there is no direct way to do so. However, when you say the first record in each group’s there must be a certain criteria for that record, correct?

You can easily do so if you add a field with a 1 or something and filter on this field.

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