Groups: grouping field name trucated


Currently when grouping, the value of the field shows as a kind of title for the group. When the field value is longer than the first column, only the first few characters show, not to mention the space taken by the record count.
I think it’d be ideal if the full value text were to appear, followed by the count, but not restricted to the first field width. That way it’d be much easier to use IMO.


Nobody has paid much attention to this request apparently but it would be so very useful and valuable and so much other good things I can barely contain myself. It would be so super awesomely incredible if this was implemented!

Don’t know what else to do :cry:


Agreed! This would make the grouping records feature much more useable. At the moment, if you have a short primary field (like a unique job number) you need to constantly resize the width of the first column in order to read the full group name. Please implement this change!