Has anyone successfully used Web clipper + CSS Selector + Regex?

I’m trying to extract Amazon images from within a script element on this page:

Here is the portion of the script including the image URLs:

Here are the two image URLs I need:

Any suggestions how to grab the image URLs I need for my Airtable image field?

Many thanks

There are so many ways to solve this problem but the way I’d do it is:

Just grab the keys from the object using Object.values(myObject); loop through the returned array and pull out whichever ones you need.

Thanks @andywingrave !

I’m not a developer and I don’t understand what you’re saying.

In my Web Clipper (screenshot below), is there a CSS Selector I can use to grab the two image URLs?

Ok - Your links aren’t working for me. can you send me a screenshot of the images you want to pull from Amazon please?


They are the main images for the product. When you click the thumbs to the left they display. The current product and page in question only has two thumbnails and corresponding large images. Other products/pages have as many as 8 images.

Try using this for the big image:


If that works - Great! The side images I think might be trickier though. I can’t take a look at this until this weekend sadly - But I hope that points you in the right direction :confused:

Works! Classy :wink:

Grabs the first image anyway. Not the second.

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