Have a link bring up an internal webpage (from a file behind firewall),

I want to be able to click on a URL that is a link to a local file. The file would anyway be behind our company firewall so the drive location would not pose a security risk as you would have to be on our VPN to see the file. But the URL field will not support a clickable link to a internal file that is a webpage.

Is this a request for the development team, or are you trying to see if it’s doable another way. If it’s the former, I can move the topic to the correct category.

If it’s the latter, I’m not aware of a way to make local file URLs work, but perhaps there’s a way to rethink your data design to do what you want. Can you describe your end goal in greater detail?

For the development team, dont see another way, same for the other question…

If you moved them where can I track it now?

Still would like it, but got IT to use Apache Webserver to make the page available…

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