Have outbound document links to Google Drive


I uploaded a link to a Google Drive document to my Base. Now I’d like to get back to it from my base.

But when I click on the document link that Airtable creates in the Base, it downloads as an MS Word file.

I’d like to click on that link and go to Google Docs. Since I’m already logged into Airtable with Google, this would be a convenient round trip.


I agree. This would be better. Similar to how Trello brings in the preview of GDrive documents but ultimately links to those directly.

I’ve been using the URL column to link to the shared document or folder in Drive for the time being. Less elegant and slightly more time consuming, but achieves the purpose for now.


Yes that would be a very useful feature. It would be great if “attachments” would not download files but just show a preview of files stocked externally (i. e. google docs) so that if I make a modification of a file in google docs it is actualized in airtable as well rather than having to download the file again.