Have projects with multiple mentors, want to track mentors notes on each project

I have a list of projects (~25) and a list of mentors (~5). Each project has a couple mentors on it who meet with the team for mentor sessions and want to track notes. Is there an easy way to include a field that associates notes with a specific mentor for that project?

To be clear, one mentor can be the mentor for multiple projects.

Hello @Puneet_Sachdeva ,

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Linked records are very helpful here.

One way to go about this might be to make 3 tables.

-One for projects (Fields for Project Name, Project Description, A linked Mentor(s) record, A Linked Notes Record, etc.)
-One for Mentors (Multiple-select field for Mentor Names, Projects(already linked), and Notes (Already linked), etc.),
-And finally one for Notes (Notes long-text field, Associated Project linked field, and Associated Mentor linked field, etc.).

I made a short gif for you of a practice base I made that you can find here: https://share.getcloudapp.com/bLueqrO4

Let us know if you have more questions, and again, welcome!

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I found these options by @Gareth_Pronovost to be very helpful for notes. Option #3 is which one we found to be the best.

4:48 - Option #3 (Create a New Table)

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