Having a form populate a linked field...?

Hi! Is it possible to have a form populate a linked field? For example, if I want users to fill out information about themselves, and I want the “organization you work for” column to be a Linked Field, how do I allow users who fill out the form to “add” a new record for their organization? At present, it will only allow them to select organizations already in the database.

The workaround is to create a text field called Organization and then convert it to a Linked Field later, but that’s not ideal.

Any way to do it or just not possible?

Welcome to the community, @Elana_DeLozier!

Right, that is the workaround to this major limitation in Airtable’s forms. You can create an automation to do the copying and pasting for you.

If you’d like a more advanced form that lets people add their own new linked records — in addition to dozens of other features that Airtable doesn’t offer with their form — I would highly recommend checking out the excellent form from MiniExtensions.com:

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