Having a Master Calendar Fed By Multiple Sources?

I’m trying to have a central calendar of sorts fed from a few different sources, and while I’ve used sync to great effect to make that calendar, my one hangup is in entering new events/dates into that calendar.

To illustrate, let’s say I have an “Events” calendar and a few other misc calendars. For example a “Holiday” calendar. They are all synced into a “Master” calendar.

What I would ultimately like to be able to do is add a new event while referencing the “Master” view. Say, for example, I am looking to schedule an event but want to make sure it isn’t going to fall on a holiday. I’d ideally like to be able to schedule right on the “Master” calendar. But it seems like that isn’t possible, and instead what I would have to do is go back to the “Events” calendar and add the event after referencing the “Master” calendar.

Am I missing anything?

If you have a pro or enterprise account, you could use my app, “Master Calendar” which doesn’t require the records to all be coming in from one table and allows you to specify which table to add the new record to. It does require that each included table come from the same base.

If the app won’t suit your needs, you are correct in that your current setup involving a multi-source synced table would require you to look back to the original tables to add new records. There are workarounds to have a “looser” sync using the Airtable API and Automations, but that’s less reliable and a bit tricky to setup.


I never think of apps, thanks! I am on Pro, so I’ll give it a look. Appreciate it!

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