Having One Row Show Up In Multiple Groups (Grouping Feature)


I am managing a database for my corporation. We evaluate startups. A given startup could be relevant to different business units at our company. Each evaluates the startup with a different implementation timeline (so multiple columns would be affected).

Is there any way to visualize this? I was thinking of something like the grouping feature below:


Unfortunately to achieve the screenshot below it requires me to make duplicate entries of the startup. Is there another way to accomplish this, such as having a rollup in another table or something? I generally struggle with the rollup feature and I feel like that can accomplish this, I don’t know. Would love to hear any solutions the community might have!


My Ideas:

  • Convert the LOB_RELEVANCE1 field to a Linked Record field, so you’ll get a new Table for those values. Then, you could see Startups in all lob_relevances from that table.
  • Create Views for the different lob_relevantes, and you’ll see the Startup from the example in the 3 views.