Having tabs linked to separate different information types

Hi there, Merry Christmas all!

I’m very new to Airtable and all databases in fact!

I’ve linked Airtable up to Jotform to collect information about customers when they complete an online survey. This information is likely to include a couple (perhaps more) of different segments. Let’s say; personal details and basic financial information.

I’m trying to figure out a way to segment this within Airtable but still keep in the same record for transfer to Google sheets.

I’m trying to avoid having a huge number of columns across one “tab” (excuse my use of spreadsheeet terminology)

Is there a way I can create a second tab and store this information there but ensure that “row” 1 of each tab is linked to the same person. So when I look to link the data collected up with CRM & Sheets it knows this.

A follow up to this would be that after this initial data is collected I would the like to go on and send a second (more detailed) financial questionnaire to customers. This might require a 3rd “tab” also I would need to link this stand-alone submission to the correct customer within Airtable.

Thanks in advance for any help. Please be gentle!


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