Having trouble linking fields



New to AirTable and I’m having trouble linking the way I would like. Maybe I have the wrong approach. Let me try to explain what I have and what I’m trying to do…

I have a two tables in a base. Table 1 is a list of “Events” with several columns of logistical data for said Event. The primary field in that table is “Event Name”

Table 2 is “Customer Information” with several columns such as Contact Name, phone numbers, address, etc. The primary field in that table is “Company/Organization”

What I’m trying to do is on Table 1, Events, link the Event Name with the Contact Name and Company/Organization from Table 2 so that I can see Contact Name and Company/Organization in Table 1. Also when I switch to Table 2, I can see what Event Name(s) are associated with Contact Name and Company/Organization.

Hopefully someone can give me some advice, thank you.