Help Connecting 2 Member Profiles Using Webflow, Memberstack + Airtable

Hey friends. I just signed up for Airtable & need a little help tying some records together using Webflow, Memberstack & Airtable. Here’s how it works: Someone signs up for my service for couples. When person A in the relationship signs up, I get person B’s email address & send them a signup link to a free membership (person A already paid). Person A fills out their personality profile in their login, and person B does the same.

But I need a way to look up and link A & B in Airtable so I can tell them info about each other’s personality. What’s the best way to do that? I could ask person B for person A’s email and then look up in Airtable but I feel like that could cause problems if person A has multiple emails. I could send person B a code that they would enter when they sign up.

What’s best/easiest and how do I actually do the linking in Airtable? Thanks!

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