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I would like to ask the community for input and ideas on a problem I’m facing, which is: How can I track business travel expenses in a AirTable Interface (from Table: “Trip Tracker”) using receipt data from a different table (Table: “Expense Tracker”)?

  • The table “Trip Tracker” is a kind of dashboard that lets me track the status of multiple items for every trip (dates, host, invoice amount, team members, etc.).
  • I created an Airtable Interface that is very, very useful for me to keep status on trip details in a helpful presentation.
  • The table “Expense Tracker” is going to have one record per expense, and keep track of all of the expenses for each trip so I can reimburse people, and bill clients.
  • I would like to populate the “Trip Tracker” interface with a table (i.e., grid) of all of the expenses for the relevant trip from the “Expense Tracker” table. Ideally, this would be a grid of the expenses with rows and columns displaying from “Expense Tracker” table within the “Trip Tracker” interface. For example, 5 rows containing 5 receipts, the amounts of each, and the linked field selecting the specific trip they’re associated with in an interface “grid” field. BUT, I am having trouble getting data from other tables to display correctly (e.g., I can get it to show a link to that field, but I want it to show data from that record, not a link to the data).

So, I’m asking, How can I track business travel expenses in a AirTable Interface (from Table: “Trip Tracker”) using receipt data from a different table (Table: “Expense Tracker”)?

I realize this may be a limitation in Airtable Interfaces right now, but I wanted to ask directly. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


You need to either use the Record Review layout or a Record Picker element for selecting the record from the [Trip Tracker] table. Then you will be able to add the grid of linked records. Note that currently, you are unable to add a new linked record directly in the linked grid, so you may still need to display the linked records as a field.

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Thank you @kuovonne ! This is great and I have a follow up question:

I am attempting to implement your suggestion using the “Record Review” layout. The first half of this interface is pulled from the same home Table “Trip Tracker”. I was able to successfully add a Grid that pulls from another Table “Expense Tracker”, however it shows ALL of the records from that Table. Is there a way I can set this “Expense Tracker” Grid to filter the displayed results to be the same record that’s selected on the Interface’s “Record Review”? I’m not sure how to filter/view this Grid from “Expense Tracker” table automatically without me having to manually select it each time.

Thanks so much.

When creating the grid view of linked records, select “Add element” => “Record list” => your linked record field => “Grid”. Do not select “All elements”.

Thank you for your response @kuovonne. I am attempting to implement this, but I’m running into a problem: When I create the linked record in the “Trip Tracker” table linking it to the “Expense Tracker” table, the “Expense Tracker” records are not showing up, even though they’re linked and are connected to the primary field in the “Trip Tracker” table. Instead of showing the link in the “Trip Tracker” linked record field, the field is blank and I have to manually link the field again, even though I already have made the link by selecting that specific Trip (Primary ID in “Trip Tracker” Table) when completing the “Expense Tracker” form.

Am I missing something?

Thank you for your assistance.

Can you post screen shots of the grid view and the interface? Could you have multiple linked record fields joining the two tables?

Thank you for your quick response @kuovonne, and for your insightful questions. YES, I did have multiple linked record fields joining the two tables - one was hidden and I had forgotten about it. The hidden linked record field is auto-populating correctly with the completed forms, and so I was able to implement your previous comment of adding the grid. I attached a screenshot below.

Thanks very much!


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