Here is my dilemma…I am trying to create a sheet that will populate all of my tasks from different tabs. I have several different clients I work with and need to try to keep track of all the tasks in one place. Ideal each tab would be a different client.

In those tabs I want to be able to list tasks specific to that client, the due date, and any additional notes or attachments. But then I want to link it to one MASTER TASK LIST. So basically it would pull all the tasks from each client sheet and put them in one list. It would pull that tasks due date, and notes, etc. So that way I can click on each tab and see what needs to be done for that specific client, or I can click on the Master Task List tab and see ALL of the tasks for every client that needs to be done. Sort by the due dates, etc.

I don’t know if this is something anyone can help me with, but I would appreciate any thoughts you have!


It sounds like what you need to do is almost the backwards from what you are thinking.

-Create a table for clients, and a table for tasks.
-On the task table, use a field to link to the client table. Fill out the rest of your task information as necessary.
-Use views in the task table to filter only certain clients at any given time.

I don’t think it’s quite necessary to create an entirely separate table for each client. You’re really looking at more filtered views than anything. It would still give you the end result you’re looking for.



Thank you!! Super helpful Sarah!