Help. DateAdd is adding 5 hours instead of minutes

I have created this formula that will set the duration when something is selected:
‘Code Review’, 1200,
‘Design Review’, 1200,
‘Resume Review’, 1200,
‘Career Coaching’, 1800,
‘Team Coaching - Design’, 3600, ‘Team Coaching - Code’, 3600, 1200
It is then connected to another formula field to create and End Time:
DATEADD({Time}, {Duration}, ‘seconds’)

However, the time I get returned is 5 hours later not the minutes I have added. Anyone have a suggestions.

Can you post screen captures of both your record values and the configuration of your duration field?

Could your duration field be set to show h:mm but you are using it as h:mm:ss?

Something tells me this is a timezone issue. What’s the timezone setting on your {Time} field?

Thank you for the screen captures. That make things much more clear and showed that it was a time zone issue.

I thought this meant that the duration should have been 5 minutes, but the formula was adding 5 hours instead.

Instead, the result was adding the minutes you wanted plus an additional 5 hours, due to the time zone.

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