Help for a new Airtable user

I asked Airtable support for help.

All I got in reply was a list of places to look at videos - BIG help ! N O T

I could have done that myself.

Can anyone here help me with…

I would like to build a database with Airtable

I have 100 tutors in 50 towns tutoring 125 subjects at 10 levels… (and it is growing)

I would like to be able to ask the database to show me all the tutors doing one particular subject at one level in one town - how can I do this, please?

Hope someone can set me straight

Thanks in anticipation


Hi Chris. I’m new to Airtable and learning the ropes myself, but offering to help with what I know or how I’d do it. I would actually separate these into three distinct tables with links to each other.

So I would create a table for [tutors], [towns], and [subjects].
I would link [tutors] to [towns], and then [tutors] to [subjects]. A simple custom view in the [tutors] table can be created to show you all the tutors teaching a particular subject for a given town. I’m not sure what you meant by “125 subjects at 10 levels”, but I suspect you meant that subjects have a further sub-categorization within them. If my assumption is correct, you perhaps want a fourth table [subject sub-category] and link that to [subjects].

This is the high-level conceptual approach I’d take. Hope you find it useful. Good luck with your solution.

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Thank you so much

I’ll give it a try

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