Help for a new base

Hello everyone, I am quite new to the Airtable world and for this I ask you for help.
I have 1 base with 1 Employees table (with all the personal data) and 1 table with the relative data
refresher courses and related expiration dates, type of certification, etc.
(each employee can participate in many courses)
What is the correct setting of the 2 tables like the definition of the primary fields?
Thanks 1000

This is subjective and depends on the type of data you’re storing. I generally recommend using whichever field yields the most unique or descriptive values as the primary field. For Employees that is probably their full name, email address, or employee ID, or perhaps a formula that concatenates any of those fields together

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Great recommendation @Kamille_Parks! I like how simple and effective it is. In the past, I’ve leaned more towards using a formula for the primary field and just reading attributes from the rest of the record. It can be complicated or just complex. Its always good to keep the less is more mentality.

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