Help: How to use DATEADD with business hours and working days

Hi everyone!

I’m adding a date field {Fecha de inicio} and a duration field {Tiempo de impresión} to get an end date with hour. But I need to know if the result can skip/exclude non working hours and days so the results are not for example, Sunday at 4 am but Monday at 8am

This is what I have now:
DATEADD({Fecha de inicio},{Tiempo de impresión}, ‘seconds’)

I’d appreciate if someone can help! :slight_smile:

Hi @Tere_Hinojosa,

Welcome back!

You can do the day calculation with the Workday formula, shown below. Incorporating the time into it though would take a bit more. I imagine it would be an IF statement looking at the time, and if its too early, it would be the workday prior and if its too late, it would be the next work day.

WORKDAY(startDate, numDays, [holidays])

Let me know if you have any questions.


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