Help! I lost info for my dissertation!

I transferred a workspace to my school Airtable account to upgrade it from a personal account. I made sure it transferred over and then deleted my personal account. When I signed back into my school account, none of the databases are there! I emailed support but received an email stating to post on the community.

Hi @Christa_Drakulic

I think that in this case you did the right thing, contacting Airtable, since they have access to their servers.

I think the email is more of a generic suggestion.

Hope this helps.

Mary Kay

Thank you M_k! I am anxiously hoping they can recover it!

Hi @Christa_Drakulic,

I think what you did was not move it to your workspace but rather shared it with the other account. Am I correct? So in this case it still belongs to the personal workspace.

Your best option would be to retrieve your personal account and you should find a snap of it in your history.


I shared it with my school account, making the school account an owner. After ensuring I was able to access it from my school account, I went back to my personal account and removed the personal account from the workspace, and then deleted my personal account. I am not certain how to go about finding a snap of it in history?Is this possible through Airtable or is it via the internet? Thank you!

You couldn’t have made the school account an Owner, you couldve made it a creator.

To be able to access it you should have Duplicated it into the school account Workspace.

Try to see the History of your account (although I dont think you will find it, sorry).

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