Help in Getting a Credit Management System Up and Running


We’re a school in Australia that is currently running a credit/award and activity system that tracks students activities and achievements throughout their schooling career. Students accumulate credits over time and develop a profile or transcript of their activities and achievements, so when they leave they are provided with a comprehensive outline of their time at school.

I’ve been spending a bit of time working out how to use Airtable efficiently and effectively, however my computing capabilities are lacking and feel what I need is beyond my technical understanding and prowess.

I’ve linked to my current system of tracking (Excel Spreadsheet) and the desired outcomes I want for my new system (PDF).

I’ve explored the features that Airtable provides, and there are certainly aspects that I’m looking for, however there are certain aspects I’m unable to understand whether they’re possible. My plea is: Given the type of tasks I’m looking for, does Airtable have the capability to meet all my needs?

If the answer is yes, then I will seek to get as much guidance as I can to help develop what I need with Airtable.

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Current Means of Student Data Tracking

Thank you sincerely in advance