HELP! iOS function or even desktop?

So before I fully commit, I was looking at how to view records singly as a form.

The closest I could get is looks like a gallery 4 view in the sample books app. Like a bunch of cards?
But would like them singley, instead of 6 or so to a page.

Unfortunately, this view, among some others I need/like, are NOT a view (or ‘block’ is it called?) Available on mobile platforms (I like me some tablets)

So if you stuck with me so far, the questions are

A) is the form view, single record view like a real database possible ? , AND

B) when will the mobile platforms be functional as the desktop version?

Thanks in advance for your helpful replies

I would like the ability to have the records singly and move to next record with an arrow key etc.

Hi @A_YBarbo

I assume you are aware of Expanded view:


This is also accessible by pressing on the spacebar when in a record.

This is the only ‘forms based’ option in Airtable at the moment - but at least it has the ability to step through records.

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Hope this helps,


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Great Julian. Thanks a bunch!!

Yes I was aware of the diagonal arrows near the key field.
However, are you able to ‘step’ through the records, say by using the arrow keys?
What I’m meaning is once you are in expanded , individual record, instead of the ^ down buttons as it were, can you easily with like the arrow keys, scroll through the single records?
I notice the up /down ^ icons which are close and cumbersome to manoeuver
Thanks for taking the time and your replies

You only have those ^ icons (which are too small, I agree) and their keyboard shortcuts (Command + Shift + , or . on Mac)

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Thanks a bunch for your help!!!
And esp time to reply

Sorry. I guess I’m lost again. On iOS there are no ways to step through?
Every view I try says not able on iOs

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