Help making a date in a formula appear user-friendly

Hi, I hope this is an easy to answer question; sorry for the density of my skull!

I’m building a content scheduler for my editorial team; some stories are immediately assigned a publication date, but for others that field is still blank/TBD. As a result, when you view the list of stories sorted by PUB DATE, all the undated ones appear first – which is undesirable. To avoid that, I created a new field (PUB-DATE-Fx) with a formula that converts the PUB DATE into an IF statement, thus:


Now, when I sort the the stories by PUB-DATE-Fx, the undated stories come at the end, under “Unscheduled.” Wonderful! But it also creates ugliness: when I sort the stories by PUB-DATE-Fx, the date now appears as an string of digits (2021-03-09T00:00:00.000Z) instead of something recognizable (March 9, 2021)

Is there an easy way to tweak the formula so it renders a date that’s more user-friendly? Thank you!

Yes, you can use the DATETIME_FORMAT function, as explained on this page:

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Figured it out, thank you!

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