Help me query(?) my meal planner for ingredients needed this week?


Hi! I’m new to airtable and trying to use it to do some menu planning. Here’s what I have so far!

I have a table of Meals, which is going to be my list of all possible meals I like to have in rotation.

I have a table for Ingredients, which is stuff I use to make meals. Meals have many ingredients, ingredients can belong to many meals. Ingredients also are linked to specific Grocery Stores where I like to buy those ingredients.

I have a table for Grocery Stores.

And last, I have a table for ‘this week’ (here Week 39), where I select WHICH meals to have this week.

Here’s a screenshot of those:

What I would LIKE TO do is to query this somehow to create a report that shows:

  • for the meals selected in Week 39, list all the ingredients needed
  • and for bonus points, sort that list by Grocery stores where I get that ingredient.

Can you help me think through how to accomplish this? I can’t think about how to approach this. Is there a query or something? A report? IDK what the next step should be. All advice is welcome! :smile:


I achieved what you wanted. You can use my revised version of the base you provided

It didn’t make sense to me for each week to be its own table (you’d have 55 tables by the end of the year). Instead, this revised version will automate all but one element of your project.

Use the “All Meals” view in the Meal Planner table to plan your meals. The Meal Planner table comes equipped with a “This Week’s Meals” view for your convenience.

You’re able to see all ingredients and related stores by week in the Weeks table. Similarly, this table comes equipped with a “This Week’s Meal Plans” view.

All you need to do for this to work now is when you add new dates/meal plans to the Meal Planner table, remember to copy the “Week Number (Auto)” value to the “Week Number (Link)” field.


Thanks @Kamile! This is great. I see what you mean that each week shouldn’t be its own table. Your alternate view of a date view for Meal Planner makes sense.

I wonder in the ‘Weeks’ table - that creates a nice listing of all ingredients needed per week. Do you think it’s possible to create a view that associates the Grocery Stores with the Ingredients needed per week?

My end goal for this is something that we could:

  • pick a meal for each day
  • get a week’s shopping list generated with a list of all ingredients needed and be able to sort / filter by grocery stores.

Thus generating our shopping list automatically: Go to Store X for items A, B, C, go to Store Y for items D, E, F.

Thanks so much for your help, I learned a ton from your example!


Not that I could ascertain. I thought about it and tried editing my demo to achieve that but couldn’t do it and my brain started to hurt.