Help me with a formula where if condition 1 & 2 are met show data from two other columns

I have a formula where if condition 1 and condition 2 are true then show data from another column. What I want to do is have it show data from two different columns if the conditions are true. Here’s the formula: IF(AND({Contract Ended?}= “No”,({Exclusive?}=“Exclusive”)),Rights, BLANK())

What I want to do is add another column - Holdback Rights - to the formula so the data in both shows up in the new column. It seems like it should be simple but no matter what I do it won’t show the data in both.

Thanks in advance!

Jennifer & Mary

How do you want the data combined?

Here’s an example formula, but you may want to adjust it to get the display you want:
IF(AND({Contract Ended?}= "No",({Exclusive?}="Exclusive")), Rights & '\n' & {Holdback Rights}, BLANK())

It will have the content from the {Rights} field, and then a line break, then the content from the {Holdback Rights} field.

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