Help needed: Given a checkbox is checked, take value with time format


Hey guys,

this seems such an easy thing to do, so I am kinda embarrassed to ask. But I can’t find a solution here, neither could I solve it by myself, so your help is much appreciated. :slight_smile:

The Problem

I have 3 columns:

  1. “Today” = Checkbox
  2. “ET” (for expected time) = Duration in h:mm format
  3. “Planning” = Formula -> this is where the problem comes in :wink:

I want to add in Planning the ET value if Today is checked. IF(Today = 1,ET) does the trick.

But it gives out a numeric value. For example, 0:45 will be 2700 in Planning. Clearly I could divide by 60 to get the minute value but I want to format Planning in the same format h:mm than ET is. And I can’t get it done?! :flushed:

Can anyone help?




Check the Formatting tab on the field settings:

Also, you can use simply IF(Today,ET).


@Elias_Gomez_Sainz OMG #lol I can’t believe I tried for an hour with this DATETIME_FORMAT command #facepalm - Sometimes solutions are so easy. Thanks for pointing me to the formatting tab :wink: Problem solved!