Help! New to Airtable, how to add additional "platform"?

View screenshot https:// (remove the space after the //)

As you can see in my screenshot, in my content calendar, I can group the Social Schedule per platform. How do I add an additional “platform”? I have Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and I would like to add Pinterest as a platform. I have tried everything and I keep adding the wrong field in the wrong place. I would like it to go in the first column, under Twitter.

If anyone can kindly help with support, it would be appreciated. Thank you.

Select “Grouped by 3 Fields” and you will see what fields they are grouped by. If you ungroup them you will be able to add a new “platform” or you can expand those groups, press the small (+) at the bottom left to create an additional record In that group then change the “platform”

It might also make sense to make the platform a single select (so you’d have some color coding in there)

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