Help please. Converting text field with mix of partial dates and friendly dates to ISO date format

Hi, I’m importing data that have “Publish Dates” in a text field.
Most of them are just Month Year (April 2021) some of them are complete (April 30, 2021).
I would like to use the formula field to convert them all to YYYY-MM-DD and use them in calendar/gantt view. It should always default to the 1st of the month for a missing day (i.e. April 2021 will be converted to 2021-04-01)

I tried to search for a way how to use IFs and DATETIME_PARSE but I couldn’t make it work :man_shrugging:

This should work:


Substitute {source} for the name of your source field.

You can remove the IF statement if you wish, but leaving it in will cause the formula to yield a blank field instead of an error if the input field is also blank.

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