Help Setting up Email Reminder Automations

Ultimately what I am trying to do is to have airtable generate an email reminder both 5 and 3 days before a task is due that has been created within a field in a base. For example, I have a TO DO field within a base in which tasks are entered along with DUE DATES. I’d like for REMINDERS to be able to be TRIGGERED to send out both 5 and 3 days BEFORE the DUE DATE for each entry as needed.

So far, I have tried to follow the directions in the link below:

but am not able to get past the “Add a formula/Configure an automation/Choose a trigger” portion of the tutorial.

Hi @Regaye_Fulcher, I would use a DATETIME_DIFF() formula which is comparing between the due date and NOW() in days. If the number equals 5 or 3, it triggers a certain automation.

DATETIME_DIFF({DueDate}, NOW(), 'days')
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