Help us choose our wildcard for Blocks Madness

Hi everyone! We can’t wait to kick off March Madness with our 15 competing blocks.

But first, we need our final competitor! (Curious about March Madness? Read more here). We’re thrilled by our top 15 blocks competitors, but we can’t help but think there are some real winners left out. Help us pick the final entrant with your vote!

Which of the following blocks is your favorite?

  • Sendgrid
  • Batch update
  • Time tracker
  • Web Clipper
  • Embed
  • Chime
  • Translate
  • 3D Space
  • Send SMS
  • Countdown
  • Google Hangouts
  • Whereby
  • XML import
  • Calendar import
  • Vision
  • Color Palette
  • World Clock

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Voting for the wildcard will close on Monday, March 9 at 9am (PT). Sound off in the comments below to share why you chose your favorite block, and persuade others to do the same.

Happy voting!!

My vote is for batch update. :zap:

While web clipper and embed are both sentimental favorites for me, I have to take an honest look and ask myself: which of these blocks do I actually use most often? Which of these blocks has saved me the most time? And for me, of the blocks here, the clear winner is batch update. When I need to push a bunch of date values forward—batch update! When I need to create a bunch of random names—batch update! Did you know that you can randomly set values in a checkbox field, and set the probability that the box will be checked? (I didn’t, until two minutes ago.) Batch update is full of beautiful and mysterious surprises, and for that reason I have to give it my vote.


I was able to use the Time Tracker block to motivate my 8yo daughter to get her school work done in a timely manner. We keep track of all her assignments in Airtable, and offered her an incentive to keep her “Average Duration” for math assignments under a certain threshold. (To be clear, the issue wasn’t that she struggled with the math, she would just get distracted - and the incentive worked!)

So, it’s pretty clear that the Time Tracker block gets my vote.


SendGrid! I use Airtable for my program update newsletter. Folks receive tailored content based on their expressed areas of interest and also have the ability to opt into more, less or no more program updates. Simplifies my distribution of multiple project activies and product updates to internal stakeholders. Love, love, love it!


Thanks for submitting everyone! Be sure to submit your brackets by 9am (PST) tomorrow to participate!