Help! while scrolling down the grid view, the page constantly ping me or returns me to the top

this always happens on google chrome, and microsoft edge.

Disable all browser extensions?

All extension are disabled. This behavior only occurs with airtable.

I use Google sheet, Monday, etc… and i don’t have this problem

El El mié, 21 de octubre de 2020 a la(s) 16:41, Jeremy_Oglesby via Airtable Community Forum <> escribió:

This sometimes happened to me, but very rarely. I always use Chrome and haven’t tested other browsers.

I believe whenever this happened to me it was a grouped view with 600+ records. Is it similar for you, or is it happening without groups?

it is the same, grouping or not, i have a gridview with almost 2k records. I will try to use only the navigation bars and not use the scroll with the two fingers over the touch pad

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