Help with a community collaboration form

I’m trying to help setup a community form for mutual aid and am struggling with how to achieve this with Airtable, or if this is even possible with Airtable.

The goal:

  1. People can submit a form specifying what services they can offer (e.g.: food, rides)
  2. People can submit what services they need
  3. Once submitted, people are paired together via zipcode, by which I mean a person can see who else in their zipcode is offering services they need and can get some contact info for those people.
  4. Ideally, people should be able to change what they can offer and what they need at any time.
  5. Would also be nice to see on a globe how many people are in your zipcode before filling out the form.

What I’ve got so far is a form where you input your zipcode and a multi-select field for things you need and can offer. But I’m unable to find a way to link the things you need to the things you can offer, or achieve any of the things I want to above. I’m also able to see zipcodes on a globe using the Blocks but am unsure of if a stripped-down version of the globe can be published publicly with just the number of people per zipcode.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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