Help with a logical function


I’m using airtable in the hiring process (kind of like a scorecard) and I was wondering how to write a function to produce a recruitment decision based on two airtable columns.
Here’s the idea: If {column 1} = ‘accept’ AND {column 2} = ‘accept’, than ‘proceed’. Otherwise ‘no’.
Is there a way to write a logical function for that?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Hi @Nadia_Gorchakova and Welcome to Airtable Community :smiley:

Try this.
IF({column 1}=“no”,“no”,IF({column 2}=“no”,“no”,“accept”))

Replace the “no”'s with whatever you’re using for the non accepted.

Here’s how to do it using AND:

IF(AND({column 1} = "accept", {column 2} = "accept"), "proceed", "no")
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@Justin_Barrett Thanks for posting :smiley:

I find myself staying away from the AND formula only because I get tripped up as to where to place them.

Thank you friends! :slightly_smiling_face: