Help with Airtable form data

Hey!! I had a quick question. I created a form with Airtable, to send to clients. I was wondering if anyone knows if there is an Airtable integration I can use to view the client’s responses in a pdf version (and not the default CSV version - that’s doesn’t display the actual questions)? Thanks!!

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I would check out the page designer app, which lets you create a document from your record(s). Then, you can print this document and convert it into a PDF file (using your computer’s PDF functionality).

Hi @ScottWorld
Thanks. The other problem is that in the grid the questions aren’t showing up. Just the field names, which makes it confusing on my end when I read the clients data. What could I do about this?

You can change the field names to whatever you’d like them to be, although the big problem with Airtable is that field names don’t wrap onto additional lines, which makes it a real pain in the butt to use long field names in Airtable. This is one of my top feature requests for Airtable, and also one of my biggest pet peeves about Airtable! @Kasra @Jason

You could always view your records in the Page Designer app, where you can display whatever text you want above each field. You could even add a button field to open a record within the Page Designer app. Just click on the button, and it opens the record in your Page Designer block. That’s really the best solution that I can think of.

Thanks @ScottWorld
The problem is that my questions are really long, and all I really want is there to be a form view of the grid (for example if a client fills out the data - I can see the question and the corresponding data all in one pdf / word sheet).

Thanks so much for the help, either way.

You can also use Integromat or Zapier to turn your data into Word documents, PDF documents, etc.

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