Help with Fancy Finances Universe Base - Running Balance not Reflecting Deposits

Hi! I have been using Airtable for a bit now, but just upgraded to Pro plan and am new to trying to ask for help on here. I just found the fantastic Fancy Finances base on Universe and have been going through trying to update it with all my info so that I can use it to track my $$. I have read all the informative instructions, but am a bit confused because when I am inputting income as negative values in the Deposits table, as per the instructions, it doesn’t seem that they are going anywhere? From what I gather in the other tables, the Deposits, when added as a “negative” value, should increase the running balance under Accounts; entering “positive” values under the Expenses table should and is decreasing the running balance under Accounts. I don’t see any way to contact the creator, so I’m asking for help here.


Accounts table: I updated the Starting Balance and it reflected the accurate value. When I added transactions under the Expenses table, the Running Balance and Sum of Transactions fields updated correctly. The problem seems to be with the Transactions field perhaps? I’m unable to add any transactions from the Deposits table, only the Expenses table. I even checked the hidden field Expenses copy, which I renamed Deposits just so I understood it a bit better, but it doesn’t seem those transactions are feeding into the Running Balance in any way. I’m used to complex Excel formulas, but Airtable has been a bit of an uphill battle. Am I just missing a functional step that already exists in this base or is there a tweak that needs to be made to get the Running Balance to work properly? TIA!

After taking some time away and coming back to it, I figured out the problem. I copied the Sum of Transactions field and then just adjusted it to reflect a Sum of Deposits. Now everything appears to be adding up as it should.

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