Help with forms

I want to send out a form with information to be filled in

When the form is returned it will include the client email address

6 months later I want to send the form out again to their email address asking them to confirm or change the information in the form (now containing all their prior data)

I want any updates / changes to be recorded in the grid.

Any ideas how to do this??

Great question. I haven’t used it, but take look at the Send Grid block.

Let me know how it goes. My first instinct is that this will be a tough problem to solve without the help an external service such as those found in the integrations list. This bit also worries me…

I want any updates / changes to be recorded in the grid.

…since editing existing data is not within standard permissions for a client-like user (someone not paying for Airtable).

Hi Zollie,
I will take a look at this “send grid block” and see if it does what I need, this particular airtable account was simply set up as a test site to find out if this can be done I do have the premium site already set up (paying) but did not want to mess any anything up regarding the grids I already have set up.


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