Help with formula for offset years and quarters

I’m struggling with formula to solve the following:

My client has a 5 year project. Their project year starts in October each year and is divided into quarters. I’m struggling to turn a date into a Y1Q2, Y3Q4 output so they can see what quarter each activity was completed in.

I can get the Quarters done. But then I can’t seem to work out a formula to determine which year the date is in.

Can anyone offer suggestions on a formula for this. I mostly get the ‘there’s a problem with the formula’ errors - I was heading down the nested IF’s but clearly I’m doing something fundamentally wrong with my nesting.

Can you post your Formula?

Is this ok?

CleanShot 2019-12-11 at 12.07.18

My formula:

DATETIME_DIFF({Date}, Start, 'years') + 1

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