Help with Formula for Project Status Tracking

Hi. We have been using Airtable for 3 years now. The person who set up our workflows is no longer with us. I needed to add a new person to the workflow and create their own ‘to do’ view for project work and I totally messed something up. We have a field for ‘status’ to help with project management and I think it was based on a formula so we could change status as projects moved along. I can’t get our status view to work properly and am desperate for some help.

Hi and welcome @Beth_Robinson!
Without seeing the base, knowing what the formula was and what fields it affected there’s not much I can suggest other than:

  1. If you’ve made the misstake recently today and haven’t done too many things after to try fix it, you can always use Ctrl+Z (Command-Z on Mac) to take a step back. If you’ve done 5 things after it got messed up, press 5 times to back up 5 steps etc.
  2. You can restore the base from a snapshot

Good luck!

Thank you! The snapshot worked!!! Appreciate your help.


If you’re not all too familiar with Airtable then I would recommend to copy the base and make edits in the copied base rather than the “Live” one and when it works, apply the changes you made to the “Live” base. It lessens the stakes and makes the learning process more enjoyablee, in my opinion.

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