Help with Formula Using Time


Hi, I’m having trouble building a formula trying to get a Number-per-hour output. I want to be able to input X number of things (Integer field type) and Y minutes elapsed (Time field type), and have fields for both of these. Then I want to output Z, where Z is (( X / Y ) * 60) to extrapolate X-per-hour rate. I’ve tried extracting the integer value from the Time field, or casting it as the ‘m’ (minute) Datetime_Format, but none of these seem to return properly.

  1. Define {Y_Minutes} as a Duration field, formatted to display h:mm.

  2. Define {X_Things} as a Number field, formatted as an integer.

  3. Define {Z_ThingsPerHour} as a Formula field with the following formula:


    (The first division by 60 — {Y_Minutes}/60 — is to make {Y_Minutes} calculate as minutes, as Duration fields return their values in seconds and fractional seconds. The second division by 60 is so the formula ultimately returns a value in per-hour terms. Now that you understand how we got here, feel free to change the formula to read {X_Things}/({Y_Minutes}/3600) .)


That worked perfectly. Thank you so much!!