Help with IF statement, using Single select and Checkbox


I need help trying to figure out this formula. I have spent the last three days looking through the community and I believe this is the closest article I can find, (Formula Help! IF AND + checkboxes) but I still can’t seem to get this working. I originally created an IF statement based on blank fields.

Status Formula

The purpose was based on keeping track of our workflow.

Now, we have the need to added other “flags” that I will need to change the formula to "Done! " without completing all the steps from the original IF statement.

The first flag is a “Canceled” Checkbox. If the checkbox is checked I need the status to change to “Done !” regardless of other fields are still blank.

The second is new additions of two extra fields added to the Single Select field in the Shipping Method. If the option of “Picked Up” or “Dropped Off” is selected, I would need the Status to change to “Done”, without having to select a date for the “Delivered” Column.

Shipping Method

What I am trying to accomplish is when either of these options is selected, the Status column will change to Done!

I can’t seem to get the logic order down, but I know the Checkbox should supersede all other fields. I seem to be struggling with the OR statement for the single select options. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you!

If you have a condition that is supposed to supersede the others, than that should be the outermost IF() statement.

   OR({Canceled}, {Shipping Method} = "Picked Up", {Shipping Method} = "Dropped Off"), 
   [insert your current IF statement]

Kamille, Thank you so much!!! I am new to formulas and appreciate the assistance. This is exactly what I needed. Have a great weekend!

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